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What does the donut graph "system usage" mean?

System usage means how much of the system is being used by a user.  Users are allowed to create up to (5) banners and (3) Websites. If users only created (2) banners and (1) website, Yolei calculates in percentage how much of the system is being used.  Ideally you want to use 100% of the system. 

What does the "data usage" mean?

Every user is given 100MB of storage for their uploaded images.  The "data usage' donut graph, represents how much file size space has been uploaded and used for both banners and websites.

What happens when I run out of data usage?

If you max out your storage space will be not be able to upload images for any new banners and will not be able to upload any new images for your websites.  To ensure you are being smart with space, make sure the image file sizes for your gallery and/or shopping cart are not high resolution.   High resolution images are normally greater than images created for the web. DPI (dots per inch) for internet image files are normally 72 or 96.  An image with a 300 dpi is typically used for printing on paper and are significantly larger.

How do I get more data usage?

Currently there is not option to increase your data usage.  You should be able to optimize your images to allow for more space is needed.  Feel free to contact our support team for more advice.

How can I see more weekly stats under Banners or Website?

Currently our My Yolei page provides a (7) week, weekly total of clicks and traffic data for both Banners and Websites.  The statistics are meant to give you a general idea of how much exposure you are getting from the Yolei banner search platform and from your own Yolei created sites.  Currently Yolei holds workshops which outline the best ways to increase traffic to your banner and websites.

Why are some of my Websites and Banners greyed out?

Websites are greyed out because they are inactive or they have not been created yet.  You are allowed up to (3) Websites and (5) Banners. 

How do I use traffic data from the report?

Traffic data helps explain the exposure your Banners or Websites are getting through the Yolei platform.  If you are not seeing high traffic, then you most take necessary marketing steps to increase your user activity.  If you are seeing high traffic, the traffic data allows you to see what you are doing correctly week to week.


What is a domain name?

A domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource which is given an actual name.

Why does my domain name have after it?

Because your website is hosted within the Yolei framework, there are several advantages of having your yolei site hosted within  Your website will inherit SSL encryption security for your shopping cart, you can chose from a boarder range of domain names, you can benefit from the step by step wizard and other tools to manage your website quickly.

Can I use any domain name for my yolei website?

No, you can use name that are already taken, names that are on our blacklist, namely pornographic names.  Yolei does not support any graphic or pornographic content, which includes certain domain names.  Also there are some names that are reserved in the system.  Please look over the terms and agreements for content rules.

When I am using the WebBuilder Wizard I cannot click on any other step?

The WebBuilder steps go in order when you first create a website.  You must complete step one (Theme) before you move on to step two (background).  When you are editing an already existing website you can freely move to any step in the process and save it by clicking the next button. The next button automatically saves the information, with or without clicking the publish button.

Can I change format of the theme?

No, you can use any theme you wish, although you can edit the actual theme.  One of the advantages of using Yolei is that you can complete change the look and feel of your website with just one click.  Think of making changes to the background images, color and font to your website in order to achieve the changes to require.


Why do my images look strange?

Please follow the instructions in the upload option. All background images should be at least 1500px by 900px.  Your images should not be 300 dpi. 72 or 96 dpi is great for the web and is much smaller than a 300 dpi image.  Also larger file size images take longer to load, creating an unfavorable experience for potential customers visiting your site.

What is DPI mean?

Dots per inch, is the usual measure of printed image quality on the paper. 

How can I change my image resolution or DPI from 300 dpi to 96 dpi?

Goto this site and follow the directions


My logo image background does not match my background?

There are a few templates which you can match the background of your image logo with background color of your site.  If want to remove the background color of your logo you can use some online resources like Photoshop online, or Pixlr Editor or  OnlinephotoshopFree

You must follow the directions on how to remove background colors. Many images without a background color are saved in a png format Ex. myimage.png

You can reach out to Yolei Support for additional help and resources, as well.

What if I don't have a logo?

You can click on the "Text" option and type in the name of your company. 

What size should be logo image be?

Although your logo image will be automatically resized, ideally you should be have an image close to 115px by 50px, nearly a 2:1 ratio.  Therefore any image where the length is twice the size of the width would display nicely on your web page.  In addition there is a crop tool option which can help you size your logo image the way you like.

I selected a font style but some fonts did not change. Why?

Not all fonts are changeable on the templates, this feature is by design.  If you have any design suggestions or issues please reach out to support

My font style is not listed

Our ears are wide open; please send us in suggestions that will improve your process.

I selected a website color but some colors did not change. Why?

Like with fonts, not all colors are changeable on the templates, this feature is by design.  If you have any design suggestions or issues please reach out to support

Where is the Main Heading on my website theme?

The Main Heading is the first set of text at the top of all website templates

Where is the Sub Heading on my website theme?

You will find the sub heading below the main heading is the 2nd set of text in all website templates

Why do can I have only (3) features?

That is by design.  If you require additional section for content your Shopping can be used as an additional place to display services or additional features of your business.  It is also a place to explain your refund policy if you are selling products.


What are the image sizes for my gallery?

Images for the gallery get automatically resized for the template.  Although for faster load times we suggest 96 dpi images and dimension not bigger than 800px length or width.  Also because you have a limited amount of disk space want to ensure that your images sizes are econmical.

How do I get videos in my gallery?

You can use videos from both YouTube and Vimeo.
For YouTube You will need to:

  1. find your video on YouTube
  2. click on the Share option below the video
  3. click on the Embed option
  4. copy the embed code
  5. paste it in the box called embed code.
For Vimeo You will need to:
  1. find your video on Vimeo using the search option
  2. click on the share option, it's the third button from the top of the screen
  3. select the embed option
  4. copy the embed code
  5. past it in the box called embed code

Can I use images from places other than Vimeo or YouTube?

No, currently Yolei only supports videos for Vimeo and YouTube.


What image size should I use on my products?

Yolei will scale your image down to the appropriate size.  Tip, you would want all of your images to your gallery around the same size for esthetic reasons.  Yolei 300px length and width works well as well as 230px by 300px.

What is the Hide "Add To Cart Button" option?

There are a few reasons you may not want to have the Add to Cart Button displayed.  Your product is out of stock, but you still want to let your customers know about the product you are selling.  Secondly, if you hide the "Add To Cart Button" you can make your cart into a collection of menu items for a restaurant or a collection of services.

What does it mean to deactivate a product?

Deactivating a product will only hide it from view on your Yolei website.  Your product is not deleted from the system, although user will not be able to view or make purchases on it.

What is Manage product quantity option?

When selected the Manage product quantity option allow you to set the number products you want to sell or have in stock.  This option ensures you don't accept orders that you cannot fulfilled.

What is the sort order?

The sort order option allows you to control the order in which your product is placed in the shopping cart gallery.


What if I don't have any Social Media sites?

If you don't type in a destination for your Social Media items, nothing will show up in the footer.  Only the links that you provide will show up.  Please review the terms and condition of usage.  Any urls, link created with the intent to navigate users to malware or suspicious websites, those users will be terminated immediately and reported to authorizties.


How do Banners work?

After you go through the step by step wizard you will have a Yolei Banner that will automatically become part of the Yolei's search engine.  Users can search on your banner by name, community or industry.  You will have web space to market your ideas.

Can I choose multiple Communities?

No, you can only select one community, although each one of your banners may have different communities

My Community is not an option?

We welcome all input and suggestions from our users.  If you have any suggestions or issues please reach out to support

My industry is not an option?

We welcome all input and suggestion from our users.  If you have any suggestions or issues please reach out to support

Does my Banner expire?

Yes, Banners expire every 60 days. 

Why is there text already in my Company Summary?

We have created prefill text in order to help you along in the writing process.  The prefill text is intended to give you ideas on how you should describe your company and how long the summary should be.

How does the Pick URL work?

Make a selection to which location you would like users to go to once they click on the banner button.  Banner buttons get automatically labeled once you define which type location is selected.  For example, if you select a twitter location, you will have a button labeled "Twitter"


How do I add shop items?

You can add shop items by clicking on the button labeled "Add Shop Item".

Is there a limit on the number of shopping items?

No, there is no limit, although we recommend not exceeding 30 items due to slow loads. 

What the sort option do?

The sort order option allows you to control the order in which your product is placed in the shopping cart gallery.

How can I setup my Paypal email?

PayPal Premier Account is the right choice if you're a buyer and a seller
All you need is an email address and a password to get started, goto to sign up
Securely link your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards.  After you have signed up for Paypal use the email address you use to sign up with and insert that in the box labeled "Paypal Email Address"

What is the Shop description for?

The Shop description option can be use to relay information regarding product purchase, like your refund policy, shipping cost and delivery times.

What is the "No Paypal. Email Purchase Request"?

If you don't want to use Paypal to handle your payment, Yolei offers another option.  You can take a purchase request via email, then work out a payment method and other details with the buyer.  This gives you the flexibility of using other payment method manually, including cash.

What is the Embed Code Selection?

The Embed Code allow you to choose from three option where you can:

1) Add the entire cart onto your external website. Once you add the embed code to your site, it will display your entire ShopCart items will be ready for your customers to purchase items from your cart.

2) Add an Yolei ShopCart button your to your external site.  Once you place the button code on your site, your customers can click on the ShopCart and view all of the products or services you are selling.

3) You can copy and paste your ShopCart link anywhere on social media.  Your customers with one click will be navigated to your custom ShopCart where they can explore your products and make purchases.


Preview allows you to see what your ShopCart would look like when your customers come to purchase items.


Total Traffic Data

The Total Traffic Data is a breakdown of how many visit your custom built Yolei Services received.  It is broken down by 30, 60, 90, 182 and 365 days.  You can determine which services are getting more exposure and adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

Yolei Websites for Current Week

View your individual websites traffic by week.  This break down will help you make decision regarding how increase traffic flow.

Yolei Banners for Current Week

View your individual Banners traffic by week.  This break down will help you make decision regarding how increase traffic flow.

Website Usage

There is a simple pie graph which allows you to quick see how you are utilizing your Yolei base Website services.

Banner Usage

There is a simple pie graph which allows you to quick see how you are utilizing your Yolei base Banner services.


Changing titles and menu names

There is some text throughout all themes that are not changeable. Mainly the titles, menu names and field labels

What is a Captcha?

A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can't.

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